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How To Purchase Your Own Custom Painted Screen

Screen paintings are attractive and very durable. If they are properly cared of by simply hosing the dust off two or three times during the summer, they should last more than a lifetime. Each one is unique and original, their cost is comfortably affordable, and signed by the artist.

Step 1

Call or email Dee with the measurments of your screen(s) for an estimate. Information is available at the top of the page.


Step 2

Ask yourself these two very important questions:

"Which side will face outside?" and "Which direction is up?" on your screen.

Stick a two-inch length of masking tape along the top border of the side of your screen that faces the outdoors. Mark it "Top - Outside" in ink. This is the best way to ensure that the proper side of the screen will be painted. If you are sending more than one screen, they will have different pictures painted on each unless you request otherwise. You can expect, however, the traditional "pastoral theme" of a red-roofed cottage or bungalow, a pond, and a couple of swans on a wooden background.


Step 3

The easiest way to ship your screen via UPS is to cut two pieces of cardboard from a large box. You can easily find one at your local appliance or furniture store. Sandwich the screen between them and then wrap the edges in good duct tape. Do not remove the screen from the frame with the intent of rolling the screen up and sending it in a mailing tube. It becomes difficult to paint and it is almost impossible to place back into your frame.


Step 4

Make a note of the UPS fee for shipping your screen to Baltimore and please add this amount to the total on your check so that the screen can be returned the same way.


Step 5

Ship your screen to Dee at the address located at the top of this page.


Step 6

Please call or contact Dee at the email address located above saying the screen is on its way.



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